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Understanding Trauma: DCRC is committed to helping individuals understand what trauma is, how it impacts children’s social and emotional development, and how we can all work together to promote healing. Check out what we’ve done and what we’re doing to achieve this goal!

The updated Single Rating Report for e-DECA users: If your program uses the web based e-DECA, please take a few minutes to see the new format of the Single Rating Report. Changes include a color-coded Individual Child Profile with a child’s Strengths in Green, Typical scores in Blue, and Areas of Need in Red. In addition, the report no longer includes the raw scores, which makes it easier to interpret and share results with colleagues and families. The new and improved Single Rating Report is included on pages 2-4 in this e-DECA Sample Reports Packet!

[Webinar for Parents / To Share with Parents] Boosting Your Child’s Resilience & Independence: Join Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer, Dr. Nefertiti Poyner, as she shares the building blocks for raising a resilient, independent child who’s able to confidently take initiative, persist through challenges, and try new things. Click here to watch the webinar.

Our now mobile-friendly website: Take a few minutes to scroll through our new website, even on your mobile device! See how our new, mobile-friendly format makes it easier than ever before. Click here to start from our home page.

Webinars in the Spotlight

The ECMHC Crisis of Confidence

Two Sessions: October 16th and 17th from 1-2:30pm ET

A crisis of confidence happens in situations in which we have stopped believing that someone or something can work (is good). The work of an ECMHC can be as heartbreaking as it is rewarding. It is imperative that ECMHCs take time to pause and reflect on the emotionally intense nature of this work and the toll it takes on our confidence. Join seasoned ECMHC, Rachel Wagner, so that you can:

  • Reflect on the cause of confidence break down
  • Explore the feelings underneath the crisis of confidence
  • Identify ways to heal our confidence and regain our stance


Building Your Bounce Professional Development Learning Series Train-the-Trainer

Two Sessions: October 23rd and 30th from 1-2:30pm ET

^ Dr. Nefertiti Poyner explains how this Train-the-Trainer webinar experience supports the creation of a resilient team.

Staff working with vulnerable children and families need our support! High levels of stress and burnout are the reality for too many programs and have a negative impact on quality of care. Trainers and coaches charged with promoting workforce wellness are invited to join Dr. Nefertiti Poyner to learn how to combat stress and burnout. This two-part train-the-trainer webinar experience provides participants with a copy of the Building Your Bounce Professional Development Learning Series that can be used to promote staff wellness in a variety of professional development events including staff meetings and in-service trainings. Join Nefertiti and learn how you can create an overall culture of resilience.


Building Trauma-Sensitive Communities

Over 300 people have joined us on our quest to promote the resilience of all children, and to educate ourselves and others on the negative impacts of childhood trauma, and on the need for trauma-sensitive practices. If you haven’t joined us yet, and want to learn more about our quest, CLICK HERE.

Updated! Our Webinar Schedule & National Professional Development Calendar

Did you hear the news yet? Our next round of free, informational webinars was just released! Be sure to check out what webinars are coming up, and check out our updated professional development calendar as well. Space is limited, so reserve your spot while you can!

View Webinar Schedule || View National Professional Development Calendar

Back to School? Stock Up on Resilience Resources

Don’t be one to put off getting stocked up on resources for the new school/program year! We have plenty of options for you, so be sure to take a look. Purchase a kit, a book, or maybe just access some of our free resources!

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