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DECA-C (Clinical) Self-Paced Online Course

Our team is excited and proud to announce the launch of a brand new self-paced course! This new course is all about the DECA-C (Clinical), and is designed to share information and build skills around the use of the DECA-C tool in the context of a primary prevention and mental health promotion model and used when needs of children cannot be met solely by programming at the universal and targeted levels.

*This is amost equivalent to our live two-part virtual training that we deliver on a national level. A great alternative to the live training!

Devereux Resilient Leadership Survey (DERLS) available in Spanish

Authored by Rachel Wagner, MSW, and Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., the Devereux Resilient Leadership Survey (DERLS) is a 23-item, research-informed checklist that helps professionals reflect on behaviors associated with resilient leadership. Organized around four key protective factors – Relationships, Internal Beliefs, Initiative and Self-Control – this tool can provide wonderful insight for leaders around areas of strength and growth opportunities. And now it’s available in Spanish!

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