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Devereux Center for Resilient Children (DCRC)

Our mission is to promote social and emotional development, foster resilience, and build skills for school and life success in children birth through preschool, as well as to promote the resilience of the adults who care for them. Our nationally standardized, strengths-based assessments, strategy resources, and professional development are grounded in resilience research, and for over 25 years have been used by thousands of programs across the U.S. and internationally.

Importance of Resilience

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For the 2022 year, our team decided to take our time. More specifically, we want to take our time to dig deep into some of the biggest and most important words and terms that exist in the early care and education world. Every month, we are taking one word or term, and we are digging into it – defining it, explaining it, dissecting it, etc. Why? We want to help clear the clutter, and share meaningful insight into how these words or terms impact this important work we do with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and the adults who care for them.

Updated! DECA Program Readiness & Reflection Tool

Our team stands alongside those fighting to end racism and those seeking to nurture resilience in children and families made vulnerable by systemic oppression. We now have an updated version of the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) Program Readiness & Reflection Tool. This resource is designed to support early care and education programs with best practice implementation of the DECA Program. The updated version of the tool acknowledges that promoting the resilience and overall social-emotional health of children and families can only happen when staff acknowledge and honor the heritage and culture of every child. We invite you to read through this document, and to use it to self-reflect and engage colleagues in conversations around race, equity, and resilience.

Resilience-Focused Change

From our team to you and yours, we share with you our stance on the fight to end racism, and we stand alongside all those seeking to nurture resilience in children and families made vulnerable by systemic oppression. If you have not yet seen our team’s statement shared back in June 2020, we encourage you to read it now. Know that being resilience-focused in this moment means calling upon and nurturing protective factors within others and ourselves.

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