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Our Preschool Initiative strives to conduct research to provide the evidence base for our resources, advance the state of knowledge in our field, and to provide information that will contribute to advocacy efforts for preschoolers’ social and emotional health.

The Devereux Early Childhood Assessment, Preschool, 2nd Edition (DECA-P2) is a nationally standardized, norm-referenced, reliable and valid assessment tool. This tool, which meets/exceeds professional standards, measures three within-child protective factors and screens for behavioral concerns in children age 3 through 5 years old. 

The Devereux Early Childhood Assessment Clinical (DECA-C) is a nationally standardized, norm-referenced, reliable and valid behavior rating scale. This tool is designed to be used for preschoolers with social-emotional problems or significant behavioral concerns, age 2 through 5 years old. The DECA-C measures three protective factor scales and four behavioral concern scales, and must be interpreted by a behavioral healthcare or special education professional.

How to Compare Pre and Post Scores Across Assessments

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