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Devereux Early Childhood Assessment – Clinical (DECA-C) Kit

The DECA-Clinical Form is designed to be used by early childhood mental health consultants and other mental health professionals with those select children who are already showing significant behavioral concerns. The DECA-C contains all of the strength-based, resilience items and scales found on the DECA, but also assesses social and emotional concerns including: aggression, attention problems, emotional control problems, and withdrawal/depression. The DECA-C is appropriate for children 2 through 5 years old and is available in both paper and web-based formats.
DECA-C administration available online!

The e-DECA 2.0 has allowed for administration and scoring of the DECA-C on a web-based platform. For more information on or to purchase the e-DECA 2.0, CLICK HERE.

Kit Contents

DECA-C Record Forms

Completed by parents and teachers, the DECA-C assesses aggression, attention-problems, emotional control problems, and withdrawal/depression in addition to attachment, initiative, and self-control.  *Web-based version available on e-DECA2.0

DECA-C Manual

This manual provides essential information on the development, administration, scoring, interpretations, and utilization of DECA-C results in assessment, eligibility determinations, intervention planning, and outcome evaluation.

DECA-C Norms Reference Card

Use this card, in an easy to read format, to identify scores based on parent and teacher assessment ratings.

The DECA-C is designed to be interpreted by a qualified mental health or special education professional. Customer qualifications form must be approved before ordering. For more information on these qualifications, download the Customer Qualifications form in the grey bar on the right of this page or contact 1-800-334-2014.


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