Classroom Moments


The Facing the Challenge DVD Set and the Classroom Moments DVD are no longer available. You can still purchase Classroom Moments in a digital download format. See below for more information.

Classroom Moments (Digital Download)

Designed to enhance training, this download includes 28 video clips from early childhood classrooms, including clips that illustrate Prevention in Action, Positive Guidance, Learning Opportunities, Developing Observation Skills, and Case Studies. In addition to the video clips, this download also comes with a trainer guide for use in developing training and workshops for staff.

You can purchase all video clips, or you can purchase certain categories of clips. There are six instructional categories: (1) Prevention in Action, (2) Positive Guidance in Action, (3) Learning Opportunities, (4) Developing Observation Skills, (5) Case Study: Pre-Intervention, and (6) Case Study: Intervention.

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