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quotesThank you so much for everything, we are truly excited to move forward in utilizing both tools in our program.  I think the YJT tool will be a perfect fit for our program because it is parent friendly, simple to use and easy for staff to follow and understand.  To be honest, it’s an affordable option as well which is important.  Our next step is for both the Family Services Team and the Education Team to meet and work on the specifics of moving forward with both.  

We heard of YJT after we had watched a webinar for the eDECA.  When the webinar was over, we did some exploring on the website and saw the YJT.  I knew the Family Team was looking for a curriculum to use with families so I researched it a little more then gave the information to our Head Start Director and Family Team Manager.  The fact that the 2 (DECA and YJT) could work together to support children and families was most appealing to us.  So many times we end up with all these separate pieces and we have to try and show staff how they work together…. DECA and YJT did that work for us.  

Stephanie M., Child Development Team Manager, Audubon Area Head Start


In YJT, I learned how important it is to take care of myself to be able to stay centered and focused on my journey as a foster parent.  I learned a lot about how to deal with my own self-control, how the child and myself and can take initiative together and how the child and myself can have a loving daily relationship and attachment.”

Foster Parent, Polk County, Florida

quotesThis was probably my favorite class during the entire foster parent certification process.  The information I learned and received I believe is priceless and most definitely will exceedingly help my family in itself ,and also in fostering any children.”

Foster Parent, Polk County, Florida

quotes  I LOVE that YJT is strength-based!  It is written in clear, step-by-step fashion that serves the target audience well.  It is a versatile resource  (a major strength) that can be used in a clinical setting or by paraprofessionals who work with families.”

Bobbi Golani, Clinical Social Worker, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

quotesYJT can be very beneficial to use in mandated in-home services.  It provides a case manager with tools to balance their case management work around safety and protection with helping a family to become more resilient.  Case managers often don’t have a good understanding of resilience so this can really help them.”

Chrissy Triplett, Program Director,  Catawba County Social Services, North Carolina

quotesI really like YJT and see it as being beneficial for many families.  The activities are short and the coach is provided with enough information to be able to talk with the families – the scripts are really good and all of the activities can be done with groups of parents or with individual parents.  The strategy handbooks are a great tool to help the coach make plans with families.”

Brandi Eicher, Director of Prevention Services, Devereux AZ


The YJT curriculum can positively impact permanency because it provides the caregiver tools to parent differently, creating  positive changes in the environment.  These tools help to provide a nurturing environment which will help to assist in healing.  I think it will lower the risk of abuse and support reunification between children and their parents.  These are great tools for helping children and parents cope with risk.”

Stephanie Diaz,  Foster Parent Licensing Director,  Bartow, Florida

quotesThis resource can help many families.  This can be incorporated into my family assessments.  Learning about this program was the best part of the summit.”

Anonymous Child Welfare Professional, DCF Summit participant, Orlando, Florida

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