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Professional Development

Professional Development Options

While the use of the Your Journey Together curriculum does not require professional development, there are a number of professional development options that can serve to maximize the understanding and use of the materials associated with the curriculum. To that end, the Devereux Center for Resilient Children offers several options for professional development to meet the ranging needs of your local program/community.

Option 1: Recorded Training Series

This option offers access to a recorded training series that provides background information on each of the four Your Journey Together modules. While these recordings do not review specific lessons found in the Your Journey Together Curriculum, they provide rich content pertaining to the resilience of children, adults, and care-giving environments that set the stage for using the curriculum with families. 

Price: $149.95

Option 2: Author-Led Live Webinar on the Your Journey Together Curriculum

In this 2.5 hour live webinar, a YJT author will take participants through the mechanics of implementing the YJT Curriculum. Topic for this live session include a walk through of sample lessons associated with each module, effectively using parent handouts and leave behind activities, and tips for effective coaching.

Option 3: Recorded Online Training Series & an Author-Led Live Webinar on the Your Journey Together Curriculum

This option offers access to the recorded trainings described above, along with a live 2.5 hour author-led webinar described above. Together, the recorded and live webinars offer a comprehensive look at the YJT content areas along with specific support from a YJT author regarding YJT Curriculum implementation.

Option 4: 1-Day Your Journey Together Training

This option provides a live trainer qualified to deliver the 1-Day Your Journey Together Training at your local program. This professional development option would provide both the background information related to the 4 modules of the Your Journey Together Curriculum along with many hands-on opportunities to practice interfacing with the YJT curriculum itself.

Resources Required For Training

For options 2 ,3 and 4, it is recommended that each participant have access to the Your Journey Together Kit.  While a program may not be prepared to purchase a YJT Kit for each participant at the time that the author-led portion of the training is delivered, it is important to note that the training will focus on the use of these resources.  Therefore, it is up to the program to ensure that the adequate quantity of YJT Kits are made available to participants for either the webinar or live delivery of professional development.


To discuss these options in more detail or to schedule technical assistance, please email Debi Mahler, Director of Professional Development, at [email protected]

1 (866) 872-4687

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