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Winter 2020

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Closing Out Our 20th Anniversary

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What’s the latest?

Resilience Weekly

The DCRC team is truly appreciative of everyone that completed our recent Reader Feedback Survey! We have read through your input, and are beginning to put some initiatives into place in response. You may have noticed that we’ve already responded in one way … the format of our weekly communications, now called Resilience Weekly! If you haven’t noticed yet, you will start to see a more consistent format to the emails you receive from us. If you have noticed and perhaps have some more thoughts for us, please share! Here’s a peek at one of the most recent communications:

Resilience Weekly | January 28, 2020

Conscious Discipline and FLIP IT!

We are well aware that many of you utilize both our FLIP IT strategy, as well as the Conscious Discipline approach. In order to help you see where the two align, a crosswalk tool has been created to help you see the commonalities! The partnership between DCRC and Conscious Discipline is getting stronger and stronger, and this is just another great resource to enhance your social-emotional learning practices.

FLIP IT & Conscious Discipline Crosswalk

TRQ Library

Miss out on one of our past newsletters? Want to revisit last quarter’s issue or maybe the one before? Once again … you can! We have finally brought back our library of quarterly newsletters. Even WE like to revisit past issues, so we were thinking you might, too. You can access this newly created page from any other page of our website, from the top most menu bar in green. Never miss out on another newsletter again!

TRQ Library

We're on social media ... are you?

In reference to the Reader Feedback Survey that over 1,000 of you responded to, we found that a pretty large amount of you either didn’t know we were on social media or you’re just not following us … yet! So, we just want to clear the air and make sure you know that you can find and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Make sure you keep up with us on these pages!

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Closing Out Our 20th Anniversary

We may be just a little sad that our 20th anniversary year is over, but we are SO GLAD that you’ve been celebrating with us. Our team put together a quick message of gratitude for each and every one of you, so please take a few minutes to give it a watch!

In case you missed out on some or even all of the awesome things we did over the course of 2019, fear not! We have dedicated an entire web page to our 20th anniversary activities. Feel free to access it now!

Educating and Advocating

A new section designed to highlight some the most recent stories or articles that caught the eye of one or more of our team members!

A barbershop at a school? Watch one elementary school principal’s creative and unique resilience-building actions.

Watch Video

South Dakota State University and ICAP Head Start: A Partnership to Promote Effective DECA Program Implementation.

Read Article

Promoting Resilience Despite Homelessness: A practical and research-based approach that uses the DECA to measure outcomes.

Read Article

We have made a little change to something you may or may not already be familiar with. What was previously called our DCRC Journal is now our DCRC Blog! This blog is chock-full of written pieces from our very own team members, as well as some guest writers. All of the content is written with the primary audience of early care and education professionals in mind, but can also be shared with parents and families. 

Are YOU interested in sharing your learnings and observations with us? Do you have some ideas or tips for how to optimize use of DCRC resources, or do you just have a story worth sharing? Check out our blog page today to learn how you can be a contributing blogger!


Find Us at an Upcoming Conference!

DCRC provides a variety of pre-conference, keynote and breakout sessions on topics related to the social and emotional health – and resilience – of young children and the adults who care for them. Feel free to keep an eye out for us at major conferences across the country, and don’t forget that we list our conference appearances right hear on our website! Just jump over to our Conferences web page and take a look at where we’ll be next.

As awareness about the inmpact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma continues to grow, DCRC is committed to ensuring that the hopeful message of resilience and overcoming adversity is part of the education process. Our team is working very intentionally to update our professional development offerings so that participants make the connections between the terminology around ACEs and that of hope, healing and resilience. In addition, we have created some new events that go more in-depth and allow participants to pause, reflect and focus more deeply on how they can support the resilience of those children and families who have suffered from trauma.

DCRC team member, Debi Mahler, LCSW, will be delivering a one-day training on Monday, March 30, 2020 in Phoenix, AZ as a pre-conference session for the National Head Start Association (NHSA) Annual Conference. The goal of this training is to raise awareness around what trauma is and what the impact of trauma and toxic stress looks like in both young children and adults. Participants will learn about the impact of early childhood trauma and toxic stress on brain development and behavior, as well as explore specific trauma-sensitive approaches and strategies and gain an understanding of how resilience-building practices support healing. This presentation will also focus on the well-being and resilience of the adults who care for children. Learn more and/or register for this pre-conference session!

If your program is looking for professional development around understanding trauma and its devastating impact on young children, as well as the healing power of resilience, please contact us to learn about the various opportunities that may be best suited to meet your specific needs!

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