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About Resilience in Adults

Since everyone faces adversity at some point in life, DCRC’s mission is to promote protective factors and strengthen resilience for children and the adults who support them. Promoting resilience involves reducing risk factors and strengthening protective factors at the environmental, familial and within-levels.

DCRC Promotes Protective Factors

In Adults, DCRC promotes the following protective factors through assessment and strategies:

  • Self-Control: The ability to experience a range of feelings and express them using appropriate words and actions.
  • Initiative: The ability to make positive choices and decisions and act upon them.
  • Internal Beliefs: The feelings and thoughts we have about ourselves and our lives and how effective we think we are at taking action.
  • Relationships: The mutual, long-lasting, back-and-forth bond we have with another person in our lives.
Age RangeDevereux AssessmentProtective Factors Measured
AdultsDevereux Adult Resilience Survey (DARS)Self-Control, Initiative, Internal Beliefs, Relationships

Promoting Resilience Of Adults

DCRC’s Adult Resilience Initiative emerged in response to the growing understanding and appreciation that promoting children’s resilience depends significantly on the resilience of the adults caring for them. DCRC’s Adult Resilience Initiative focuses on promoting the health and well-being of all adults who parent, nurture and/or work with young children. The critical connection between children’s resilience and the health and wellness of the adults in their lives can not be underestimated.

In order to promote resilience in adults, DCRC created several adult resilience resources and professional development experiences. We believe that resilient adults can be wonderful role models to support resilience in the children who’s lives they touch!

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