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An Interview with DCRC Director Susan Damico – “Raising a Resilient Child”

  • Released just a few weeks ago on several Beasley Media Group radio station websites, this article was the result of an interview that our own Susan Damico gave about our mission to promote resilience and social-emotional health. Give it a read if you haven’t already!
Focusing on Togetherness this Holiday Season

  • Our own Nefertiti Poyner recently sat down with Devereux Communications Specialist Joscelyn Paine to discuss the importance of slowing down during the holiday season. Nefertiti offers a few tips for families to focus on togetherness.

Improving Your Purchasing Experience

  • Purchasing your resilience resources just got easier! We know … purchasing our resources can sometimes be a little tricky since a good chunk of them are sold exclusively by our friends at Kaplan Early Learning Company. To help ease the process, we bring you a new path. Now, whenever you visit our website and click on “PRODUCTS” in the top menu bar or on “RESOURCES” in the middle menu bar of our home page, you’ll be brought to a page that provides more guidance. Want a DECA-P2 Kit? Visit Kaplan’s website! Want a Building Your Bounce journal? Visit our new DCRC Shop! We hope our improvements make your experience better and easier.
The DECA Program: Key to the Success of Future of America Learning Center (FALC) in Bronx, NY

  • “In this season, we have planted resilience. We have measured its growth. We have nurtured it to bloom…” – Bonnie Lou Mallonga, Ph.D., chief operating officer at FALC
  • As 1199SEIU/Employer Child Care Corporation (CCC), Future of America Learning Center (FALC), embarked upon celebrating its existence for a quarter of a century, it coordinated with the Devereux Center for Resilient Children (DCRC) to reflect upon and take stock of its identity and impact on changing society … one child at a time.

Spotlight: Resilient Leadership Online Training Program

You’re Invited! Join Us for this Unique Online Training Program

If you work in the human service field and supervise staff, you know the challenges that come with leadership. Leading teams can be difficult and leading teams during times of change or crisis can feel overwhelming. The science of resilience helps us to understand what skills, behaviors and attitudes are essential to navigate challenges and lead in ways that help our teams “bounce back” and move forward.

Individuals as well as leadership teams are invited to join Nefertiti B. Poyner, Ed.D., and Rachel Wagner, MSW, as they deliver a unique, six part, webinar-based professional development experience focusing on resilient leadership. During this program, participants will develop resilient leadership abilities using a process of self-assessment and intentional reflective practices. The program will foster skills and competencies in leaders who can in turn can foster a culture of resilience amongst those they serve.

Participants of the Resilient Leadership Online Training Program will:

  • Complete a self-assessment using the Devereux Resilient Leadership Survey (DERLS), a research-based tool that focuses a leader’s attention to four important protective factor areas, including: Relationships, Internal Beliefs, Initiative and Self-Control
  • Participate in six, interactive webinar training sessions (webinars will be recorded and accessible if scheduling conflicts cause a participant to miss the live event)
  • Implement a personalized action plan based on the results of their DERLS to enhance their leadership practices
  • Receive inspirational and motivational communications from the training facilitators throughout the duration of the program

Webinar Dates 2019: January 15th, 29th | February 12th, 26th | March 12th, 26th


Check out the following video to hear from the facilitators of the Resilient Leadership Online Training Program!

Facebook Challenge: Why I’m a #DevereuxDANCER

We’re looking to YOU to help us continue to spread the word!

First, we would like to thank the 500+ people that have joined our Devereux D.A.N.C.E.R. Pledge. It truly means so much that you took the time to understand the purpose of the pledge, and that you elected to join us on this endeavor.

Now, we want to invite both our existing pledges, as well as those who have yet to pledge, to participate in our Facebook Challenge! This Facebook Challenge is nothing we all haven’t seen or heard about before. We want to know why YOU joined us on this journey to promote trauma-informed/trauma-sensitive practices in our communities; why you are a #DevereuxDANCER. All you really have to do is take a quick video (or photo) of yourself, sharing one or two reasons you elected to pledge, post it on Facebook, and nominate others to do the same!

To help you out just a bit, we are providing you with a simple sign that you can print out, write down your reason(s) on, and hold up in your video or photo. We hope that you join us for this Facebook Challenge!


Child Trends Lit Review

Child Trends: 5 Things to Know About Parents’ Knowledge of Parenting and Early Childhood Development

“A Child Trends literature review on parenting knowledge found that parents desired high-quality knowledge on early childhood development and parenting—and had clear preferences for how they wanted to receive this information—but their opinions were rarely considered by researchers or practitioners. To address this gap, we conducted focus groups with racially, ethnically, and economically diverse groups of first-time parents of infants and toddlers.

Parents raised the following five key points during the focus groups…”


Professional Development Into 2019

Start scheduling out the first half of your 2019!

We already have several professional development events on the calendar for 2019 and open for registration, including topics on DECA Program Implementation, FLIP IT, the DECA-C (Clinical), and more is being added! Register sooner rather than later in order to take advantage of the early bird registration rates. 


Resources Update

Purchasing your DCRC resources just got easier!

As mentioned earlier in this newsletter edition, we have been working to improve your purchasing experience. It can be a tad tricky, especially since some of our resources are sold exclusively by our friends at Kaplan Early Learning Company. So what is this improvement? Well, we bring you a new landing page for whenever you click on “PRODUCTS” in the top menu bar or on “RESOURCES” in the middle menu bar of our home page. This page will direct you to the right place depending on what you’re looking to purchase!

We also have developed more of an online shopping storefront for our DCRC Shop. Browse and filter through our resources much more easily!


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