Free Webinars for the times

The free webinars that our team will be delivering in the coming months were planned with these unprecedented times in mind. We will discuss what resilience building and social-emotional development will look like, during the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, as well as during this civil unrest.

Webinar Schedule

DECA Program Use during COVID-19

Something to share, far and wide … our team has very carefully and thoughtfully put together this document, which provides guidance and answered FAQs concerning the DECA Program. The five steps will look different this year, but flexibility is a protective factor! So, whether you are a new or a seasoned DECA Program user, this document will be extremely helpful.

Guide & FAQs

The DCRC Shop fully reopened!

We want to thank each and every one of you for your patience over the last several months, as our DCRC Shop was closed for sale of any of our tangible resources. Our team is thrilled that we are back up and running again! As you work to prepare for the coming months, we hope you familiarize or re-familiarize yourself with our shop.

The DCRC Shop

Free Resources Library

You have so much information!” We have heard this many times, and we totally get it. Some of you may be looking for resources to purchse; some of you might just be looking for free tools/resources; some of you could be looking for both! Well, we hope that this new web page helps, even if just a little. We have gathered all of our free tools/resources and put them in this one place.

Free Resources Library

Not new, but needed now more than ever: Resilience-Building Parenting Curriculum

Your Journey Together (YJT) is a strength-based curriculum designed to promote the social and emotional well-being and resilience of vulnerable children and their families. The YJT curriculum focuses on empowering parents to promote safe, trusting and healing environments – all key elements of a trauma-sensitive program. While YJT is designed for families with young children – infants, toddlers, preschoolers – many of the concepts apply to families with children of all ages.

The goal of YJT is to provide parents and guardians with the knowledge and skills that promote resilience, and help family members better cope with life’s challenges and reach their full potential. Your Journey Together shows parents how to use ordinary, everyday routines, activities and interactions as resilience-building opportunities. And with children being home more than not right now, this curriculum is essential in helping early childhood professionals connect with parents and families, to ensure that social and emotional learning continues to progress at home.

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Tips from Dr. Nefertiti Poyner

By now, we hope that you have given this playlist a watch – or at least, you’ve watched just a few of the videos on it. These tips from our own Dr. Nefertiti Poyner are both relevant now (during the pandemic and civil unrest), and at any time you might need some guidance on how to stay positive and resilient.

The DCRC Team Continues to “Seek Out New Knowledge”

Our team has been exploring and diving into so many different articles, resources, etc., over the past few months. Continuously educating ourselves is a priority, now more than ever. Let us remember that initiative is a protective factor, and we aim to live up to the Devereux Adult Resilience Survey (DARS) item, “I seek out new knowledge.” We want to share some of the things that we’ve found helpful, in hopes that you find them helpful, too. And if there is anything that you have been seeing that you feel would benefit our work, we encourage you to contact us and share.

National Calendar

We may only be doing virtual professional development / trainings, but believe us when we say that our calendar is packed! Our upcoming webinar events focus on the DECA Program, adult resilience and resilient leadership. Take a look at the calendar via the button below, or use the scrolling menu to the right/below!

How to Coach DECA Program (Birth through Five) Implementation

Optimize Your Use of the DECA-C (Clinical)

Building Your Bounce: Simple Strategies to Promote the Resilience of You and Your Team

Resilient Leadership Training Series

Virtual Learning Brought to You

While we miss coming out to your programs/communities, we love that we are still able to come to you, virtually! If you haven’t seen already, we have a whole menu of topic options that you can look through. See what would be helpful to you and your teams, and then reach out to us to discuss how to move forward! The following button will take you to the menu, and if/when you’re ready, simply fill out this professional development request form or contact DCRC Director of Professional Development Debi Mahler at [email protected]!

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