FLIP IT Professional Development

“In my 20 years of teaching, this is the best training I have ever attended. I wish I knew how to FLIP IT years ago!”

Early Childhood Educator in Kansas City, MO

FLIP IT Online Course

This course will teach participants the four supportive steps of FLIP IT in an online learning format. With a running time of 2.5 hours, the course can either be completed in one sitting, or in pieces over time. Upon completion of the course, credits can be granted, factoring in time for the interactive pieces, reflection, application of skills, and learning assessment. The cost of the course is $30. Learn more.

FLIP IT Online Course PLUS Experience

This learning approach starts with a 45-minute live webinar “kick-off” session with FLIP IT author Rachel Wagner. Then we will work with your program to determine a timeframe for each participant to complete the 2.5-hour self-paced online course. Finally, Rachel will facilitate a one-hour live webinar “send-off session, which will delve deeper into the content learned in the self-paced course, along with time for questions and comments.

FLIP IT Training (Virtual)

This three-hour live virtual training is designed to offer an engaging and interactive experience in learning the knowledge and skills to use FLIP IT. This content can be delivered in two, 1.5-hour sessions on different dates, or offered on the same day with a break at the 1.5-hour mark.

FLIP IT Training (In Person)

This in-person training offers another modality to engage your team in learning about FLIP IT. The one-day training includes 6-6.5 hours of content. Maximum group size for this training is 50 participants. Should your program need to accommodate professional development for a larger group, we can offer a morning session for half of your team and an afternoon session for the other half, with a maximum of 75 participants in each group.

FLIP IT Virtual Train-the-Trainer Course

Looking to build internal capacity to provide training and coaching on FLIP IT? This six-session virtual course with Rachel offers times to experience and practice FLIP IT, as participants work to become competent in teaching FLIP IT to others. Participants will leave this train-the-trainer experience with: the FLIP IT Training PowerPoint Presentations and a binder with detailed trainer notes; a variety of resources to help support the use of FLIP IT in the classroom and by families; the FLIP IT book; and the confidence to provide virtual workshops, in-person workshops, and technical assistance on the information. We offer several deliveries throughout the year. See our Virtual Trainings Schedule to find out when the next one takes place!

FLIP IT x3 – Three Ways to Use FLIP IT during Challenging Moments with Kids, Adults, and You!

The FLIP IT strategy is an effective four-step process for addressing challenging moments with young children, and it can now be used to address additional challenges you experience with yourself and with other adults. The four steps are embodied in the FLIP mnemonic, which stands for F-Feelings, L-Limits, I-Inquiries, and P-Prompts. No matter what kind of challenge you are facing, these four supportive steps can help you identify underlying feelings, establish healthy limits, explore alternate solutions, and gain healthy coping skills. FLIP IT can be become your go-to strategy that will create healthy habits for coping with young children, yourself, and with other adults during challenging moments. Join the author of FLIP IT, Rachel Wagner, for a three-part virtual training to learn how to use FLIP IT three ways! See our Virtual Trainings Schedule to find out when this training is being offered.

FLIP IT can also be offered in a half-day format, for parent workshops, for conference sessions and keynote presentations, and in a live webinar format. For more information or to schedule an event at your site, contact Debi Mahler, Director Professional Development at [email protected] or (610) 574-6141.

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