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When asked to share their thoughts on our adult resilience initiative…

These are very helpful resources. We are using the DARS program wide this year in an effort to support teachers/staff to encourage them to increase their protective factors allowing them to increase the students’ protective factors as well.

Dina Wise

Head Start Behavior Specialist, RUCD Head Start (Price, UT)

I enjoy everything that Nefertiti presents; she is a great trainer. I feel like participating in adult resilience training has been a gift to myself. The past few years have strained all of us in a long-term way. As a coach and mentor to teachers, I was constantly pouring out to them, but had little resouces for filling myself.

Vicki West

NCPreK Classroom Specialist, Smart Start of Davidson County (Lexington, NC)

I love discussing adult resilience. You have wonderful trainings and great resources. Thank you! It is so important for adults to understand resilience in themselves as well as the children we work with. How well are we bouncing back from ‘sticky’ situations, could affect how we treat our families, friends, co-workers, and the children we care for.

Kami Bartels

Training Specialist, Child and Family Resource Network (Brookings, SD)

I think now more than ever, adults need support in understanding resilience, and reflecting on their own resilience. DCRC provides research/information, strategies and support for this. I appreciate the accessibility of the DARS and other information for anyone who visits the website (free resources!).

Janice Mericle

Family Resource Specialist, First Chance for Children (Columbia, MO)

When asked what they remember most when thinking back to their time spent with Dr. Nefertiti Poyner, talking about adult resilience…

The [analogy of the] well pulling water out and the pitcher pouring water into the cups that demonstrates how we can’t pour into our children if our own pitchers and wells are running dry. Another thing that really stuck out to me several weeks ago was from a Tuesday video series when Nefertiti said, “you would want someone to do it for your child.” Coming from a first-time preschool mama who was days away from sending her 4-year-old to preschool for the first time, even though I taught preschool for ten years and now am coaching preschool teachers, it still hit me and I teared up! I immediately sent that to all of my teachers I work with as encouragement that regardless of our circumstances, we would still want someone to do it for our own children too.

Kelly Davis

ECE Mentor Coach, Murray Head Start (Murray, KY)

I remember Nefertiti’s spark and passion! She drew us in to truly be engaged and commit to moving forward together.

Kelly Esch

Executive Director, Early Childhood Network (Glenwood Springs, CO)

I look forward to Nefertiti’s weekly inspirational videos, often catching up with them at later dates. Her calming presence, sense of humor and caring personality have inspired me to be more aware of my need to be the best I can be.

Cindy Lucht

Outreach Coordinator/Home Visitor, Treasure Valley Children's Relief Nursery (Ontario, OR)

Her infectious smile, bubbly spirit, caring, and calm voice. She makes her points clear and understandable, you know she cares. I have shown and shared her videos many times. The Tuesday emails are a nice break in the day/week. I look forward to every one of them. When I share a video I think to myself “listen to a friend of mine Nefertiti Poyner, she explains things so well.”

Annette Fisher

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant, Catholic Charities (Wooster, OH)

We had an amazing uplifting session discovering what triggers our happiness and the importance of nurturing our relationships. Teachers made time to focus on themselves and gain some fuel to get the year off to a great start.

Cristy Dothard

School Readiness Specialist, Huntsville City Schools (Huntsville, AL)

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