Professional Development Topics for Adults

Building Your Bounce: Strategies to Support Adult Resilience

The quality of service that adults provide to children and families is directly impacted by the manner in which they care for themselves. This training is designed to explore the importance of taking care of and promoting the social and emotional health of the caregiver. Participants will learn:

  • How the social and emotional well-being of the adult has an impact on their ability to care for children
  • Specific, simple, inexpensive strategies to reduce stress and promote the adult’s social and emotional health

Half-day, Full-day, Conference and Keynote sessions available.

Advanced Building Your Bounce: Strategies to Support Adult Resilience

Has your program received training on Building Your Bounce in the past? This next level training dives deeper into the understanding the characteristics of resilience in adults and provides additional strategies on how to strengthen these areas through simple, everyday strategies. As we all know, it is critically important to take care of ourselves!

Building Your Bounce Professional Development Learning Series

DCRC offers recorded webinars on key content related to adult resilience. If your program is looking for a refresher or perhaps a learning experience to occur over time, this option may be for you! Complete with interactive elements within the webinars along with a facilitator’s guide and group discussion questions at the conclusion of each webinar, this professional development opportunity offers a cost efficient and flexible way to share content with your staff. For more information, click here.

Resilient Leadership: Building Staff Bounce!

In this training, leaders will have an opportunity to reflect what it means to be a resilient leader and how to build the bounce of staff. Leaders will use the Devereux Resilient Leadership Survey (DERLS) to reflect on ways to support their staff resilience. This training provides many opportunities to learn and develop meaningful and resilience building strategies for staff based on the DERLS research informed items. Finally, leaders will have an opportunity to reflect on their own resilience and explore strategies to build their personal bounce.

For more information or to schedule a session at your site, please complete our Professional Development Needs Assessment Form.

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