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Another 20th Anniversary gift: A new, one-stop web page for Head Start and Early Head Start programs

As more and more Head Start and Early Head Start programs continue use of DCRC resources, we felt it was time to create a one-stop page for that exact audience. We wanted to make it easier for all of our Head Start friends to navigate our website for information, tools and resources more relevant to them. This page highlights the Head Start Performance Standards that DCRC can help Head Start programs meet, the resources that can be used to do so, access to webinars specific to Head Start and more. Check it out!

Resilience training following Hurricane Harvey

DCRC was recently awarded a contract with the Texas Center for Child and Family Studies (The Center) to provide resilient leadership training following Hurricane Harvey. Conducted over 10 training sessions, DCRC will educate child welfare leaders on how to build resilence within themselves and their organizations while dealing with a traumatic event, such as a hurricane.

A new, one-day training topic

We’ve recently developed a new, one-day training entitled, “Building Resilience and Healing from Trauma in Early Childhood Settings.” The goal of this new training is to raise the awareness of participants around what trauma is, and what the impact of trauma and toxic stress looks like in both young children and adults. Click below to learn more or contact DCRC Director of Professional Development Debi Mahler at [email protected] or (610) 574-6141.


Bright Horizons and DCRC partner to develop the Resilient Leadership Training Series

The Devereux Center for Resilient Children (DCRC) team often speaks about the importance of the “Resilience Cascade” or the “Resilience Connection.” These notions highlight the point that promoting resilience in children requires that we also pay close attention to our own social and emotional well-being, as well as the overall resilience of our team members and work environments. Over the past two years, DCRC has been fortunate to partner with Bright Horizons to evaluate how we can best support early childhood programs in fostering cultures of resilience that create a “resilience cascade.” Our partnership began in December of 2017, and we are thrilled to release the outcomes of a randomized control trial of a training model that provides a framework for leaders/supervisors in early childhood education, to reflect upon and implement strategies designed to promote resilient leadership. Continue reading for a summary of our partnership and outcomes. We also encourage those interested to read the Executive Summary and/or Full Report.

DCRC recognizes that leaders in the field of early care and education balance multiple demands and have many competing priorities for both time and financial resources. As such, the Resilient Leadership Training takes advantage of technology to limit time and travel expenses related to participation. The training design includes a series of six live webinars that take place over the course of three months. Two DCRC seasoned trainers, who have refined their distance learning presentation skills in a way that creates an atmosphere of a live training, fosters group participation, and promotes a sense of deep collaboration among participants from across the country, facilitate the webinars. Participants who are not able to attend a webinar live have access to a recording of the session for the entire period leading up to the next scheduled webinar. In between each webinar session, participants are given an assignment that encourages ongoing reflection and engagement in resilient leadership practices. Participants also receive a mid-session e-mail with motivation and inspiration from the trainers, along with tips and strategies for use within their workplace settings…

Celebrating 20 years

In our last issue of The Resilience Quarterly, we shared that this year, we are celebrating 20 years of the DECA Program. The celebration continues! If you haven’t already seen what we’ve done so far to keep the party going, be sure to have a look below! And keep your eyes peeled for more to come.


A “thank you” from DCRC Director Susan Damico

Susan takes a look back on the history and impact of the DECA Program, her hopes for the future of the program and DCRC, and shares her gratitude for all those that have shared these last 20 years with us.

Top 5 Favorite Resilience-Building Strategies

In case you missed it, some of the DCRC team members put together some of their favorite resilience-building strategies. We hope these small tokens of gratitude can be of use in your home, classroom and/or center!

A free webinar designed for parents/guardians

Just two weeks ago, Rachel Wagner delivered a free webinar entitled, “How Parents Can Reduce Children’s Challenging Behaviors.” Rachel took the FLIP IT! strategy and presented it in a way that parents can understand, learn, and implement at home.

A new, one-stop web page for Head Start and Early Head Start programs

As mentioned earlier in the issue, in the What’s the Latest? section, we’ve created a one-stop page on our website for our Head Start and Early Head Start friends. We sincerely hope this makes it easier to see how DCRC can help your programs!

Celebrating with Kaplan Early Learning Company at the 2019 NHSA Conference

We were so thrilled for the opportunity to present at the 2019 National Head Start Conference and Expo in San Antonio, TX. And we were also very happy to celebrate 20 years of promoting resilience with our Kaplan Early Learning Company friends!

Professional Development Calendar

Upcoming National Events

June 3-4

DECA Program Birth Through Five Implementation, Two-Day Training

Tampa, FL

Pricing/link to register


Fees: $270/person (early bird), $300/person (regular)

June 5

FLIP IT! Transforming Challenging Behavior, One-Day Training

Tampa, FL

Pricing/link to register


Fees: $150/person (early bird), $175/person (regular)

June 12 & 19

Building Your Bounce Professional Development Learning Series Train-the-Trainer Webinar


Pricing/link to register


Fees: $150/person

June 19-21

Challenging Behavior in Preschool Children, Train-the-Trainer Session

Villanova, PA

Pricing/link to register


Fees: $795/person (early bird), $850/person (regular)

Getting ready to schedule pre-service trainings and professional development for your team? Book a DCRC certified trainer! We have various topic options available; options that are age group specific and DCRC resource specific. Check them out today!

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