Research Opportunities (preschool)

Partnerships and Collaborations

The Devereux Center for Resilient Children (DCRC) team is always interested in pursuing partnerships with universities, state and local agencies, and individuals who are planning to embark on research projects involving the DECA Preschool Program (DECA-P2). If you are interested in a partnership, please start by filling out this form.

Student Research Opportunities

DCRC and the Kaplan Early Learning Company are happy to support graduate students undertaking research projects that involve the DECA-P2 Program. Support from the DCRC Team and the Kaplan Early Learning Company could include consultation with research staff, networking with other researchers or DECA-P2 users in the field, discounted materials, and/or opportunities to present or publish research findings.

Contact us with your two-page research proposal so that we can assess the best way we might be able to support you. Please be sure to include the name of the graduate program in which you are enrolled, the degree sought, and the contact information of your faculty advisor.

Already Doing Research with the DECA- P2?

Are you already doing research with the DECA-P2 that you’d like to share with us? Contact us to share your work. We would love to hear how you’re using our resources!

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