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Published Reports, Articles and Chapters (infant/toddler)

Authored By DCRC

Shapiro, V.B. (2015, March). Resilience: Have we not gone far enough? A response to Larry E. Davis [Editorial]. Social Work Research, 39(1), 7-10. View Editorial.

Smith, G.T., LeBuffe, P., Alleyne, D., Mackrain, M., & Likins, L. (2014). Bringing a resilience perspective to children in the child welfare system: A curriculum for caregivers. In S. Prince-Embury & D.H. Saklofske (Eds.) Resilience interventions for youth in diverse populations (pp. 159-180). New York, NY: Springer. View Chapter Excerpt. View Book Synopsis.

Smith, G.T., Shapiro, V.B., Sperry, R.W., & LeBuffe, P.A. (2014). A strengths-based approach to supervised visitation in child welfare. Child Care in Practice, 20(1), 98-119. View Abstract.

Authored By Users And Researchers Outside Of DCRC

Infant Mental Health Journal. (2020). The role of consultative alliance in infant and early childhood mental health consultation: Child, teacher, and classroom outcomes. Washington, D.C.: Annie E. Davis, Sandra Barrueco and Deborah F. Perry. View Abstract.

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Early On Michigan. (2008). Early on social emotional tools pilot: Final report. Dewitt, MI.  View Report.

Edwards, C.M. (2015). A family visitation program for families involved in the child
welfare system: A grant proposal. (Master’s thesis). Available from PQDT Open. Retrieved from: View Abstract.

Guss, S., Jones-Harden, B., Stein, A., Yazejian, N., & Forestieri, N. (2016). Associations of adversity to indicators of child well being in a high quality early education context. NHSA Dialog18(4), 1-23. View Abstract.

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Schrotberger, H., Clements, A., & Nichols, E. (2013). Helping parents become interventionists through the use of child assessment data.  Family Involvement Network of Educators (FINE) Newsletter, 5(2). Retrieved May 23, 2013, from View Article.

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Stainback-Tracy, K. (2004). Screening for social and emotional development for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in Colorado. Retrieved December 21, 2009, from  View Report.


Unpublished Reports

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