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Resilience-Focused Websites

Below you’ll find a full list of websites that are excellent resilience-building resources. Descriptions of each site were modified from the about sections of the original sites. Devereux does not necessarily endorse all of the practices on each of these sites.

Introduction to Resilience

  • American Academy of Pediatrics – A search of AAP’s website that links to numerous articles about the importance of resilience in development.
  • Center on the Developing Child – Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child website provides an introduction to resilience, including educational videos.
  • The Resilience Research Center – This research organization, which is affiliated with Dalhousie University in Canada, offers links to research, evaluation, and training on resilience.
  • Resiliency in Action – This website offers a number of links and resources, including “The Resiliency Quiz”, on the right hand side of the website.

Build Your Resilience (for Adults)

  • Greater Good Science Center – Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center funds research into social and emotional well-being and publishes on how individuals can apply the findings of this research in their personal and professional lives.
  • American Psychological Association – APA provides resources for adults to build their resilience to help them cope with traumatic events as well as the highs and lows of everyday life.

Building Resilience in Youth

  • Child Welfare Information Gateway – This link takes you to a search page for resilience at the Child Welfare Information Gate, a service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Embrace the Future – The government of Australia’s site for teachers and parent who are looking for resources to promote resilience in youth.
  • Fostering Resilience – Dr. Kenneth Ginsberg’s website for promoting resilience in children and teens provides resources for professionals, parents, and teens.
  • Project Resilience – This private organization in Washington, DC offers free resources for those interested in resilience.
  • Resilience Trumps Aces – This organization provides resources to promote resilience for children who have experienced significant childhood trauma that affects brain development later in life.


  • happier – This blog focuses on activities that promote the good in everyday activities.
  • Full Cup, Thirsty Spirit – This blog and email newsletter promotes self-care, creativity, joy, humor, gratitude, and compassion.

Other Useful Websites

  • Edutopia – George Lucas’s nonprofit aims to build a more engaged community of students, parents, teachers, administrators and others.
  • ACEs Connection Network – Stay informed with current events on trauma-informed & resilience-building practices.

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