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Tips to Get Preschoolers Ready for School

It’s that time again!  A new school year is here. This exciting and scary time may bring about a lot of mixed feelings for you and your little one.  We would like to help you get ready for this new school year by offering a few Back to School Tips for School Success!

  1. Make Sure the Adults are Ready First. It may be easy to think about what your child  needs to do in Picture1order to be ready for school, however, your child may be more successful if the adults who love and support her are ready first! For example, do you have a special place for your keys or other items you need for your personal use? Have you created a family calendar that can help you keep track of future events for the   family?  Help your child get ready for school by first making sure your “ducks are in a row”.
  2. Talk About Things. Doing something new can be scary.  In order to help your  child understand what is going to happen this new school year, talk about it!  Make the conversation casual and fun.  Talk while having meals or playing outdoors.  Read children’s books that talk about the new experience of going to school. By doing this, you will create a welcoming environment to talk about fears, concerns and questions your child may have.
  3. Rest and Routines. Children and adults alike need plenty of rest.  Help your little one get and stay ready for school by making sure you set and stick to daily routines.  Of course you can allow for flexibility when necessary, however, as often as possible, try to stick to a predictable daily routine.  Some important times to plan for include meals, rest and reading together.  Predictable environments help your child feel secure, control their impulses and lessen frustration.  Ensuring that your child gets enough rest will mean he has the energy to focus and actively participate in the school day.
  4. Create Personal Spaces. When your child finishes a day at school, help her to develop healthy routines by making sure there is a safe space within the home for book bags, lunch boxes and outerwear. Your child will learn responsibility and initiative when he has designated spaces for important belongings.
  5. Don’t Become Too Busy. One of the most important things you can do to get your child ready for school is to make time for quality bonding and connecting when the school day is done.  Your family probably leads a very busy life.  Try not to become so busy that you forget to smile, hug and laugh with one another.  Researchers are clear, social and emotional skills play a vital role in the way children perform in school.  Children who feel good, do well—  so let’s get ready for an amazing school year by helping our children to smile more, and laugh more while making school a fun place to learn and belong!

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