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Spotlight on Professional Development – Resilient Leadership: Building the Bounce of Your Team!


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Resilient leadership is the term used to describe those leadership behaviors that help others withstand crisis, and adapt to or rebound from adversity (Everly, 2012).

Adults who dedicate themselves to caring for young children and managing systems of care and education know this to be true – this effort can be extremely rewarding and also very challenging.  The Devereux Center for Resilient Children has a new professional development offering specifically designed for directors, supervisors and others in leadership positions. In this reflective and participatory learning experience, leaders will be introduced to a framework of resilience that can help make a big difference in the health and wellness of adults who care for young children.  Leaders will have an opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a resilient leader, how to build the resilience of staff, and how to build resilience in themselves as well!

The cornerstone of this training is the debut of a new resource, the Devereux Resilient Leadership Survey (DERLS).  The DERLS is a 23 item, research-informed checklist that helps professionals reflect on behaviors associated with resilient leadership.  Organized around four key protective factors – Relationships, Internal Beliefs, Initiative, and Self-Control—this tool can provide wonderful insight for leaders around areas of strength and growth opportunities in their current role.  Based on this information, the training then offers strategies to help support leaders in building a resilient work force.  Check out a sneak peek of the DERLS here.

The critical work done in programs and schools is invaluable to children, families, and communities. The quality of learning children receive is largely dependent on the skill level, commitment and leadership of the adults who are employed by the program or school. Given these implications, it is important for programs and schools to utilize resources that promote the well-being and resilience of staff and leaders.  We invite you to join our efforts to promote leadership through resilience, reflection and renewal.  For more information and/or to schedule this 1-day professional development offering at your site, please contact Debi Mahler, Director of Professional Development, at [email protected], or complete our Professional Development Needs Assessment form here.


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