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Spotlight on PD: TWO Train-the-Trainer sessions on Challenging Behavior in Young Children

Summer is a time for rest and relaxation (hopefully!) but may also be the time when your program reflects on the past year and plans for the next school year.  If supporting children with challenging behavior is one of those needs, we have two trainings for you!  DCRC will be offering two professional development opportunities in the fall, specifically designed for people in the role of providing training and technical assistance to teachers working with preschool children with challenging behavior.  What a great way to build the knowledge and capacity of your program to effectively address this important need.

2-Day FLIP IT:  Transforming Challenging Behavior Train-the-Trainer Session, October 2-3, 2014 in Westminster, CO (suburb of Denver).  More here

What is FLIP IT?

The FLIP IT Strategy is a four step problem-solving process rooted in developing emotional awareness in order to increase emotional control and reduce challenging behaviors in children ages 3-8.  FLIP IT can be used with multiple children at the same time during minor challenges throughout a day or used as a targeted intervention that can support the emotional growth of a child displaying specific behavior concerns.

FLIP IT Book Cover

The FLIP IT Train-the-Trainer will:

    • Prepare you to deliver a 1 day FLIP IT workshop (or five 1.5hr workshops) on how to implement the FLIP IT strategy
    • Provide a CD with Powerpoint Slides for the 1 day workshop along with other resources to support training and technical support delivery on FLIP IT
    • Provide a Training Binder with Trainer Notes for the workshop
    • Be facilitated by the author of FLIP IT, Rachel Sperry


pensive child

2.5 Day Facing the Challenge:  Helping Teachers Better Work with Children with Challenging Behavior Train the Trainer Session, October 20-22, 2014, in Villanova, PA (suburb of Philadelphia).  More here


Facing the Challenge is an instructional, interactive DVD video series on challenging behavior in preschool children.  The program includes 10 chapters that help teachers recognize, prevent, and plan strategies for helping challenging behaviors.  Chapters include: * What is Challenging Behavior * Developmentally Appropriate Behavior * Why Do Kids Misbehave? * Parents as Partners * Prevention Strategies * Behavior Planning * Intervention Strategies.

The DVDs include a Trainer Guide with over 130 pages of suggested activities, handouts, ongoing professional development challenges, in addition to self-study documents for teachers using the material without a trainer.

FTC Discs

The FTC Train-the-Trainer will:

  • Prepare you to deliver 10 workshops of various lengths on each of the chapters outlined on the DVDs
  • Provide a CD with Powerpoint Slides for 10 workshops that can be scaled back or enhanced to meet your needs
  • Provide a Training Binder with Trainer Notes for each workshop
  • Be facilitated by National Trainers and Authors, Barbara Kaiser and Karen Cairone


What is the difference between FTC and FLIP IT?

The Facing the Challenge Training is a comprehensive exploration of challenging behavior and what can be done to recognize it, prevent it and better plan strategies. FLIP IT is a focused exploration of ONE problem solving strategy that helps children understand their feelings and gain healthy coping skills.

You get MORE options with Facing the Challenge, but you get to FOCUS on one specific strategy with FLIP IT.

Facing the Challenge is the A to Z on challenging behaviors, FLIP IT is a concentrated look at a few letters of the alphabet (in particular the F, L, I and P).

Questions?  Please feel free to contact Debi Mahler, Director of Professional Development, at [email protected] or (610) 574-6141.



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