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Music To Promote Resilience

Explore the ways in which these various musical selections can compliment the use of the DECA Program or be used as a stand alone tool to promote essential behaviors related to resilience in young children.

Songs Of Resilience Volume 1

Bring out the joy in social and emotional development with 27 songs on 4 CDs and an accompanying teacher’s manual, which includes movement suggestions, associated activities and books, ideas for partnering with parents, sheet music, and a karaoke version of each song.

Songs Of Resilience Volume 2

This CD features 15 new songs that teach key resilience skills such as attachment, initiative, and self-control. The accompanying teacher’s manual includes activities and tips about how to integrate each song into the classroom.

Songs Of Resilience Music DVD

Accompanying videos for 16 select songs from the Songs of Resilience CD set, this DVD features a wide variety of different style videos including animation, children signing, and “Talk About” sections with experts discussing attachment, initiative, and self-control.

For Now And Forever Songs Of Resilience For Families Set

This set features a CD with 12 songs for families, a poster with lyrics and activities, and a For Now and Forever Parent’s Guide.

Un Mundo One World CD

This CD of bilingual songs celebrates our growing multicultural world and teachers the key skills of resilience. The accompanying teacher’s manual provides suggested activities and tips (in Spanish and English) of ways to utilize the songs in the classroom.

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