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Devereux Center for Resilient Children (DCRC) Newsletter May 2013

In this edition, you will find…

What’s New at DCRC?  Visit our new You Tube Channel, See us at the Professional Development NAEYC Conference, learn about new e-DECA (electronic assessment) happenings, and more!

Devereux Scales Go International!  We’re now on every continent, except Anarctica that is…

PreService and Professional Development Opportunities  Planning your preservice or inservice for summer or even next school year?  We have a variety of topics from Adult Resilience to Challenging Behaviors to Social and Emotional Activities and Strategies.  Find all topics here.

Building Your Bounce: Got Hobbies?  National trainer and author, Nefertiti Bruce, shares her new hobby that helped her through her busy first year of marriage, while also finishing her doctorate.  Oh, and she has a full time job with DCRC too!

Useful Resources on Resilience and Mental Health  Some of our favorites recently posted on our DCRC Facebook Page.

FREE Informational Webinar on Building Your Bounce  Take the time to attend this webinar for YOU.  Encourage staff and families to take the time to attend.  It is only 1 hour, and it will allow you to reflect, get motivated, and remember to take care of YOU!


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