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College Course uses DECA as model assessment!

Students in Terri Hutton’s Positive Child Guidance course at Butte Community College in California were exposed to the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (e-DECA version) in their coursework.  Students practiced completing assessments online, compiling results and reports, and reflecting on how the tool could be used to help individual children as well as classrooms as a whole.  Some of the comments from students included…

“The DECA allowed me to really get into the questions and analyze the different aspects, dynamics, and intricacies of resiliency.  By using the comparisons as well as the Reflective Checklist for Teaching Practices, one can better help the individual child.”

“The parent letter has a lot of good summaries and definitions of resiliency factors.  It is also a very useful guide for a parent-teacher conference.”

“This system showed me how to help a child improve her self-control, initiative, and attachment!”

“The DECA is a great jumping off point for the educator.  She can use the information to help her go in the right direction for planning.”

“I liked the feature of comparing the home and school results for a child.  It really helps you see what is going on with the child at home, and help assure we get the child all they need to be successful.”

“The DECA system can help you understand why a child might be having difficulty in the classroom setting.  It can also help you pair children together more effectively instead of seeing them struggle.”

“The DECA system is not designed to label your child.  Its intent is to recognize a child’s strengths and needs so that professionals and families can implement strategies to develop resiliency and self-control.”

Are you a college professor looking for fresh ideas?  Let us help you incorporate the DECA and resources into your next class!  Contact Karen Cairone [email protected] for more information!

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