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Back to School Can Be Cool

hand clappingBefore we know it, our little ones will once again need back packs, lunchboxes and school supplies as they head back to school. This exciting and hectic time can bring both smiles and tears. Saying good-bye to parents can be particularly difficult for children – and parents! In the weeks leading up to the start of the new school year, work to make hellos and good-byes extra special by creating special hello and good-bye routines.

Creating simple routines for hellos and good-byes can make changes easier to handle, and there are many ways to do this. Parents can try these right away, while we hope teachers will share these ideas with their new families before or during the first week of school!

Hello and Goodbye Routines for Families:

1. Sing a favorite song or make up a silly rhyme that you can say together when you say good-bye and hello.

2. Create a special handshake or hand symbol you can share with one another when saying good-bye and reconnecting at the end of the day.

3. Try leaving a family photo that your child can visit throughout the day.

4. Leave a kiss in your child’s palm. Say, “Put that safely in your pocket.” He can get it out whenever he misses you. Download David Kisor’s song, or watch the video, “I Keep a Kiss in my Pocket”, today!

Ideas adapted from: Promoting Resilience for Now and Forever: A Guide for Supporting the Social and Emotional Development of Preschool Children, Second Edition, by Mary Mackrain and Karen B. Cairone

Article by Nefertiti Bruce Poyner, Early Childhood Specialist and National Trainer



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