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9. Regional Training and Mentoring Centers

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9.  Regional Training and Mentoring Centers

The Devereux Center for Resilient Children continues to support and grow the reach of two regional training and mentoring centers, including the Devereux Regional Training Center at Children Inc.(supporting Ohio and Kentucky) and the Devereux Regional Training Center at the Center for Family Policy and Research and the Institute for Professional Development (supporting Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas) . Under the leadership of Tom Lottman in Ohio and Kentucky and Kathy Thornburg in Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas, these organizations provide not only training and technical assistance on the DECA Program , the DESSA, and topics related to social/emotional health and resilience but also support research partnerships, education and advocacy, and resource development.  Over the past 10 years, the regional training and mentoring centers along with DCRC have provided professional development to thousands of professionals across the country and we look forward to the continued partnership with these innovative organizations!  For more information about our Regional Training and Mentoring Centers, click here.



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